Javier García Iza

I am an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the Workspace Industry. My expertise goes from Organizational Culture to sales, infrastructure and construction, as well as customer service.
In 2007, I co founded IOS OFFICES with my brother Adrián. Today, with more than 70,000 m2 of office space in 36 IOS Centers in México, the IOS OFFICES Business Community is made up of more than 15,000 members. Practicing sports is another of my passions, I have participated in multiple marathons and one Iron-Man, as well as mountain biking and climbing.

CEO First Work Places

Entrepreneur by nature. I studied Business Administration and Management at the UCM and did an MBA at IE Business School, taking also different Masters and Courses in Marketing, Digital Communication and graphic and web design. My professional experience has been developed in different areas and departments from small to large companies in various sectors, such as Publicis, Caixabank or Grupo 7 Viajes. This has provided me with a global vision and knowledge of business to leap into entrepreneurship, where I first developed an advertising agency, setting up at the same time different businesses, ecommerce and technology, focusing since 2009 on what First workplaces is today.


Xavi Bassons
Co-founder and CEO of Monday Working Spaces

Xavi Bassons is co-founder and CEO of Monday Working Spaces. He started working in marketing in mass consumption and with a relevant experience later in the retail sector, he sees the need to develop spaces where to work optimally, besides being able to do sports, rest and create an environment where relationships focused on the business and the person are generated. Thus Monday was born in 2018, since last November they already have 8 centers in Spain open, they are approximately 20,000m2 in total.

Iván Fierro
Casa W Coworking + Innovación

Professional with experience in management of private investment projects and public funds, through a company founded in 2014, CASA W Coworking + Innovation through which he has developed initiatives to support entrepreneurship and innovation with a reach of over 100,000 people (WGLOBAL training program, Open Tech Biobio, International Festival of Social Innovation fiiS Biobio, Go Regional Startup Chile program, among others) as well as the design, management and administration of coworking spaces in the south of Chile.  He is also a founding partner and director of the Chilecowork Association, and part of the board of Ecosistema Biobio.

Marta Gracia
Business Strategist at Cloud Coworking

Business Strategist at Cloud Coworking since 2016. Currently she is also an academic collaborator of Cultural Industries at ESADE. She has been part of the consolidation of one of the reference coworking spaces in Barcelona; Cloud has 3 centers and more than 350 members to date. Marta has positioned herself as a fundamental part of the rapid growth of the company and the profitability of each project. She currently manages the strategy of linking with corporations and the serviced offices offer.

CEO CoworkingSpain.es

Promoter of the philosophy and the industry of coworking in Spain.

Founder of the coworking space search engine CoworkingSpain.es and organizer of the Spanish Coworking Conference CwSC

Marc Navarro
Coworking Consultant

I'm Marc Navarro, coworking consultant. I help companies to create more productive work environments that improve the life and performance of people at a professional level. All with the objective that they obtain the best possible results. I have specialized in the design and execution of new coworking spaces, advising its promoters from the first phase of incubation of the project to the distribution of the space to maximize the facilities.

I am also speaker, content curator and I write about coworking, for companies and organizations of the sector. I have worked as a space director and responsible for strategy in spaces such as Utopicus and CREC Coworking. I am the content director of the CoworkingSpain Conference, content curator in the Coworking Unconference Asia and Advisor of the Latam Coworking Summit.

Laura Martín
CWSC & CoworkingSpain.es

Manager of Coworking Working Space in Alcobendas, one of the first Coworking spaces in Spain. Production Manager of the Coworking Spain Conference (CWSC) since 2014. Director of marketing, communication and space broker at CoworkingSpain.es. With more than 10 years of experience in event organization and specialized in the coworking world.

Jon Hormaetxe
Coliving Experience Designer

Jon is a community experience designer, specializing in the Coliving sector. He currently works as a consultant for several companies. He co-founded Sun and Co. in 2015, one of the first coliving spaces for Digital Nomads. Sun and Co. was awarded in 2021 and 2022 by the Coliving Awards: best user experience and best coliving for Digital Nomads. Previously, I work in Edinburgh in one of the pioneering Coworking spaces in the UK. 

Javi Moral
CEO Fangaloka

Javi Moral is a business and community designer, being a consultant for companies and public entities in Community Building, as well as in the creation and management of collaborative spaces. He also teaches business and entrepreneurship in several universities and business schools.
Founder in 2010 of one of the first coworking spaces in Spain, he is currently CEO and founder of Fangaloka Innovation & Talent, and WorkInFreedom (coworking online), a reference platform for virtual coworking, where he works connecting people, companies and entities, regardless of their location, thus generating initiatives of social and business impact. 
A very active figure in the entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem, he is Community Leader in Spain for the accelerator Techstars, and is responsible for the organization and generation of communities of events as well known and with such an impact as "Startup Weekend", "Fuckup Nights" or "The Success of Failure".

Joana Carvalho
Co-founder. Dinamo10 Creative Hub

She is the architect and founder of the creative hub DINAMO10, in Viana do Castelo. She started this community with the conviction that interaction and exchange are key factors for creativity, innovation and success.
After 4 years in Barcelona, in 2007 he returned to his hometown to found his architecture studio and, 3 years later, to create one of the first coworking spaces in Portugal, with the ambition to grow in impact rather than size.
Since 2017 he is part of the European Creative Hubs Network, a community that promotes innovation through the cultural and creative sector.
In 2016 he co-founded Viana Tech Meetups, which seek to be a meeting point for professionals in the technology sector, where he has the role of making the connection with the creative sector.
Since 2019 he is a member of Creative Commons Portugal, where he seeks to implement projects with relevance to the creative community, such as CC Local Point, an initiative of DINAMO10.

Roman Calavera
CEO of CREC Coworking

Founding partner of Club Lleuresport de Barcelona since 1993, an entity dedicated to the management of municipal social, cultural and sports facilities.
CEO of CREC Coworking since its foundation in 2012. The personalized attention and the promotion of synergies between coworkers define the style and the hallmark of our company.
The innovation in our proposals and the dynamic will of the whole CREC team make me feel very happy leading this project.
"... If at a certain moment we were revolutionary in being creative, now we must be creative in being revolutionary".

Anastasiia Gavrilova
Coworking enthusiast

Board member of all-ukrainian coworking association.
Last 2 year and a half working for the west region of Ukraine, development & investment company AVALON as a head of commercial property. Team lead of two coworkings, this year will be one more!
A driven and competitive real estate business developer.
Experienced Commercial Director in past, with a demonstrated history of working in commercial property sector.
Project lead in event industry in past.
Project manager in Non-Governmental Organizations sector in past.


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