Ashley Proctor
Creative Blueprint & Coworking Canada

Ashley is the Founder of Creative Blueprint, and the Executive Director of Coworking Canada. For the past 20 years Creative Blueprint has inspired a global network of catalysts and change makers, working in partnership with neighbourhood residents, community organizers, unions, collectives, coworking leaders, community groups, and all levels of government to build bridges and shape the new work landscape. 
As an experienced coworking operator and consultant, Ashley speaks internationally about the coworking movement, systems change, and social impact. Ashley also collaborates on a variety of impactful, multi-dimensional projects with community builders from around the world.

Carlos Almansa
Co-Founder & CEO Nexudus

Carlos Almansa, co-founder and CEO of Nexudus, a white label platform dedicated to the management of Coworking spaces and Flex offices. Present in more than 90 countries, Nexudus has become an essential resource for operators since its inception in 2012, collaborating with thousands of spaces around the world to automate their daily processes, improve communication with their member communities and help make data-driven business decisions.

Uri Iskin
CEO and Co-Founder of HIT

Uri Iskin is CEO and Co-Founder of HIT, a leading company in the corporate real estate market with the largest serviced office network in Argentina. The network has eight buildings in the city of Buenos Aires and is about to open a new office in Vicente López. With plans to expand to the rest of Latin America, the company already has offices in Chile and Peru and projects in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico for the medium term, totaling 35,000 m2 of operational space in the region. Among the main companies that have hired his services are Mercado Libre, Accenture, Danone, Naranja X, Modo, Farmacity, TecPetrol, and more than 300 SMEs. Uri holds a degree in Economics from Universidad de San Andrés and a Master's degree in International Marketing from ESIC, Spain. He worked for 10 years in different commercial and business roles at Telefónica.

Ernesto De Olazával
Co-Founder & CEO at Comunal

Co-founder and CEO of Comunal, the main chain of coworking and flexible spaces in Peru, with 14 spaces, and have started their expansion in Mexico.

Áurea Rivela
Co-founder of HQflex.com

Áurea Rivela has 12 years of experience in the coworking sector. She is co-founder of HQflex.com, a company that provides advice on flexible offices and coworking to owners of office buildings in several cities in Spain. 
In her professional career, she has been general manager and business director at Utopicus, developing the opening of more than 40 thousand m2 of coworking spaces. In addition, she has also worked as a strategic IT business consultant (Accenture), coordinator of a startup incubator and director of a software solutions company.

Francisco Vázquez Medem
Founder and president of 3g Smart Group.

Francisco Vázquez Medem is the founder and president of 3g Smart Group, a group of companies specialized in facilitating cultural transformation through space redesign.
Qualified architect and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the design and transformation of companies. Curiosity has been his way of living and doing business. In 2006, he founded "The Smart Conversations", a series of events around the world on transformation processes that connect space, people and technology.

Kristina Schneider
CPO. Cobot

Kristina is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Cobot, a company that creates leading coworking space management software. She has been involved in the German coworking scene for over a decade, is an organizer of tech conferences (CSSconf EU), teaches interaction design and frontend development at FH Salzburg, and mentors women entering the tech scene, and founded Berlin’s monthly UX meetup. Kristina is based in Berlin and loves traveling and exploring coworking communities around the world.

María Santos
Co-founder of Magma Espacio

María Santos Peña, created Equipoeme Estudio in 2011 with her partners, consolidating as a reference in interior design. With the aim of merging different disciplines and creating a collaborative environment in Ourense, she co-founded Magma Espacio, the first coworking space in the city. Since its founding in 2013, he has played a key role in the management and development of Magma Espacio as a dynamic hub for innovation, networking and business growth.

Mar Saavedra
Director of Operations at Cink Coworking.

Mar Saavedra has 11 years of experience in the flexible workspace environment. She is currently Director of Operations at Cink Coworking. She works in the coordination of marketing and communication, sales, customer relations, and team management.

Alberto Pérez Sola
Co-Founder workINcompany

Architect by training, entrepreneur by vocation. Co-founder of workINcompany in 2011, the first coworking space in Andalusia. Since then, coworking has become not only his livelihood and place of happiness, but also a center of operations for the launch of multiple professional and business projects.
From workINcompany he started his company City Center Sevilla, a tourist accommodation management company, and his current passion and dedication to ecommerce with his group Amasa Seller, from where the projects gardeneas.com, tiapame.com and the recent ofinomad.com (also very close to workINcompany and its affinity with digital nomads) were born.
Coworking gives him the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and institutions, having the fortune to train and mentor many projects and groups in digital, business and business models. He collaborates with entities such as Action Against Hunger, Chamber of Commerce, EUSA, University of Seville, Comisiones Obreras, City Councils, among others.

Philippe Jiménez
Country Manager IWG

Philippe Jiménez is currently country manager for Spain and vice president of sales for Southern Europe and Benelux at IWG. Jiménez began his career at the company 27 years ago and throughout that time has held various positions of responsibility. In 2013, he was appointed as a country manager for Spain and West Africa. In 2019, he was appointed commercial vice president for Southern Europe and Benelux, while retaining his position as country manager for IWG Spain. Philippe Jiménez has a degree in Business Administration from the Sorbonne University in Paris and an MBA in international business from CESCI in Paris.

Raquel Traba Galisteo
Co-founder and CEO of TRIPLE

An ecosocial entrepreneur for 20 years, linked to feminist activism and regenerative cultures, and a practitioner of collaborative ecosystems between organizations. Raquel holds a degree in Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and an MBA from York St. John University, UK. She has created the companies Los Placeres de Lola (2004), BS Atelier (2007), Anomalía Consultora (2016), TRIPLE (2018) and We Go Wild Travel (2020).

Martina Muises
Co-founder of Loft 153

Co-founder of Loft 153, a "multifaceted coworking space with character, design and collaborative soul”.
My name is Martina, Catalan by birth and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am an enthusiast of innovation, always on the lookout for new stimuli and looking for different ways to offer something different, something that would catch my attention aswell. I studied Advertising and Communication and I have worked in many aspects of the MKT market; partly because I got bored quickly, partly because I am faithful to the constant movement and what catches my attention at the moment. That's how I went from Advertising Agencies to radio production, worked in press at Le Pain Quotidien, Social Media Management, produced art events, created my own digital marketing agency and have been freelancing in the sector since the pandemic. My interest towards the coworking world was - no more, no less - out of an intention to continue nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit that I remember from as far back as I can remember. Today what I love most about my job is meeting people from all over the world, from different sectors and with many, many different life experiences than yours. It makes your head explode!

Helga Moreno
Marketing Spacebring

Helga Moreno is a seasoned blogger, writer, and content creator with over a decade of experience in the industry. With a proven track record of working with major corporations like TemplateMonster and Ahrefs, she has played an integral role in shaping their digital marketing strategies.

At Spacebring, Helga leads the Coworking Smarts blog, a trusted source of information for coworking industry professionals worldwide. She hosts regular webinars for operators on topics like "vital KPIs to measure," providing valuable insights for business growth. Her strategic partnerships and curated projects, such as the Coworking Values Visionaries podcast, have helped set the standard for excellence in the industry.

Not only is Helga a respected thought leader, but she is also a prolific author with several books on coworking brand building and management available on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books. She is passionate about staying ahead of industry trends, particularly in technology and AI, and she is always exploring innovative ways to grow businesses.

Join Helga to discover how technology can help you achieve your business growth goals and gain valuable insights into the future of work. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the industry's most experienced and forward-thinking professionals.

Gabi Espin
CEO and Co-founder Aticco

Gabi Espín, a graduate in Industrial Engineering from UPC and with a PDP from ESADE, began his entrepreneurial career as co-founder and CEO of Anyplast. The recycling company stood out for its innovative approach in a highly competitive market. In 2016, he co-founded Aticco, a company he continues to lead today. 
Aticco, initially conceived as a coworking space, has undergone a remarkable transformation to become a true Innovation Ecosystem. Today, the Aticco group not only figures as one of the leaders in the shared workspace sector in Spain with more than 10 coworking buildings in Barcelona and Madrid, but also offers coliving solutions, boosts startups through acceleration programs, provides open innovation services and even makes strategic investments in promising projects.

João Simões
CEO and cofounder of IDEA Spaces

João is the CEO and cofounder of IDEA Spaces, a coworking community with 4 locations in the Lisbon city - Portugal, with currently +3400 members and with the mission to create, empower and nurture the biggest talent community in Portugal, aiming to reach the 50000 members on the next 2 years.

Due to it’s professional background and IDEA mission, he’s a strong believer that technology allied with humanity, inclusivity, attitude and purpose are key to catalise social and business relationships, which it’s the future and sustainability of coworking communities, no matter how it will be called in the future.

Nicolás Salame Serra
The Managing Director

Nicolás Salame Serra is the Managing Director of Akiles, a proptech company dedicated to offering Cloud Access Control solutions. Prior to launching Akiles, he served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Verse, a fintech company specializing in Peer-to-Peer Payments. Nicolás is an Industrial Engineer and holds several certifications in the field of Business Administration and Management.

África Sanjuán
Founder Crearium

Specialized in interactive museography and also in web design and communication, passionate about experimenting and creating by merging entrepreneurship with design, creativity, programming and electronics. In 2013 she founded Crearium in Monzón (Huesca), a collaborative coworking, art and training space pioneer in the region, where technology and creativity are the protagonists in the form of workshops and campus for kids under the name of Crearium Kids.

 Juan Barbed
Co-founder, Rooral.co

After working remotely in more than 40 countries and witnessing the unstoppable rise of flexible work, Juan saw an opportunity to use remote work as a means to revitalize rural areas and improve people's well-being. Juan co-founded Rooral, a social enterprise that partners with small Spanish villages at risk of depopulation to create restorative remote work stays.

We grew up with the narrative that to achieve success, we had to leave our villages vehind. Juan invites you to return to rediscover things we have forgotten.

María Calvo
Director of Impact Hub Workspaces

I have been the Director of Impact Hub-Coworking for 5 years. Impact Hub is a network of coworking spaces for companies and entrepreneurs looking to generate impact from their business activity. I am driven to create relevant connections between members and develop services that boost their projects.

In Impact Hub I have been able to unite my learning in the world of entrepreneurship during experiences as Director of Ashoka and eBay Spain, and the passion for Sustainability and Impact, from positions of Corporate Social Responsibility and Talent Management in Grupo Vips. I believe that working on the culture of the organization and the development and nurturing of its talent are the keys to driving purposeful organizations.

Erika Meyer
Co-founder & Community Builder Espacio Geranios

Social worker and community builder, Erika has extensive experience in organizational management, marketing and fundraising in organizations such as Salud por Derecho, Fundación Entreculturas in Madrid and NGO Magis Americas in Washington, D.C.
Currently, Erika is co-founder and Project Director of Espacio Geranios Association, a center specialized in entrepreneurship and social innovation. For more than 8 years, Erika has been developing and accompanying entrepreneurial projects, offering consulting services to small entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

Maurici Alkain Adroer
CEO Manglar

After almost ten years working with some of the largest corporations and venture capital firms in the world (Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Houston, Calcutta and New York), I felt it was time to open a new chapter and pursue a clear purpose: to use everything I had learned to help SMEs and startups build sustainable and profitable businesses.
This goal has been the seed for building Mangrove, which offers three distinct lines of business, each designed to meet your unique needs and challenges.
The cornerstone of the business is our Coworking space. Giving back to society is part of who we are; therefore, 2/3 of our profits are always distributed to local foundations dedicated to helping people in need.

CEO CoworkingSpain.es

Promoter of the philosophy and the industry of coworking in Spain.
Founder of the coworking space search engine CoworkingSpain.es and organizer of the Spanish Coworking Conference CwSC

Marc Navarro
Coworking Consultant

I'm Marc Navarro, coworking consultant. I help companies to create more productive work environments that improve the life and performance of people at a professional level. All with the objective that they obtain the best possible results. I have specialized in the design and execution of new coworking spaces, advising its promoters from the first phase of incubation of the project to the distribution of the space to maximize the facilities.

I am also speaker, content curator and I write about coworking, for companies and organizations of the sector. I have worked as a space director and responsible for strategy in spaces such as Utopicus and CREC Coworking. I am the content director of the CoworkingSpain Conference, content curator in the Coworking Unconference Asia and Advisor of the Latam Coworking Summit.

Laura Martín
CWSC & CoworkingSpain.es

Manager of Coworking Working Space in Alcobendas, one of the first Coworking spaces in Spain. Production Manager of the Coworking Spain Conference (CWSC) since 2014. Director of marketing, communication and space broker at CoworkingSpain.es. With more than 10 years of experience in event organization and specialized in the coworking world.

Salvador Aguilar
Head Of Flexible Office Solutions CBRE Spain

Salvador Aguilar is Head of Flexible Office Solutions at CBRE Spain where they manage all the business related to flexible spaces at a national level.  With more than 8 years of experience in the real estate sector, he has worked with different asset classes, residential, conventional offices and flexible offices. During his career, Salvador Aguilar has provided advice to flexible space operators, occupiers and landlords.

Claire Carpenter
Coach, Mentor, Facilitator & Consultant

Original pioneer in Coworking. Experienced leader, innovator, place & community maker. Award-winning social entrepreneur. 
Founder & former CEO of The Melting Pot - Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation - one of Europes’ first coworking communities.  
After 2+ decades of social / business leadership, Claire now focuses on coaching & mentoring others in their own leadership roles, facilitating learning in teams & consultancy projects.
Claire helps people understand, plan for & then live their wildest dreams. Will you tell me yours?

Gabriel Bucher
Co-Founder & CCO, HIT

Gabriel Bucher is Co-Founder & CCO of HIT, the country's leading company in the corporate office market in service mode for large companies, SMEs and startups.
It currently has eight buildings in the city of Buenos Aires reaching a daily audience of more than 5,000 people and is about to open the 11th of its network in Vicente Lopez. With plans to expand to the rest of Latin America, the company already has offices in Chile and Peru and projects in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico for the medium term, totaling 35,000m2 operating in the region. Among the main companies that have hired his services are Mercado Libre, Accenture, Danone, Naranja X, Modo, Farmacity, TecPetrol, and more than 300 SMEs.

Gabriel holds a degree in Business Economics from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. Optimistic by nature, Gabriel is a born entrepreneur who sets a goal and does not stop until he achieves it. In his free time he likes to go jogging and enjoy nature.

Eva Sanz
Community Manager en Locus Workspace

Originally from Madrid, Eva set foot in Prague nearly 4 years ago. Since then, she has been running Locus Workspace, a small coworking space primarily designed for freelancers and remote workers, which stands out for its efforts in creating a strong sense of community among its members.

In addition to her commitment to creating an environment that fosters collaboration and support among members, Eva and her team have faced the challenges of managing and expanding a small business, with complementary projects such as Nomad Month.

Mathias Vancluchene
Owner and CEO at Locus Workspace

Originally from Belgium, Mathias Vanluchene moved to Prague 8 years ago. After being a member of Locus Workspace for a couple of years, he eventually took it over in 2020. Locus Workspace is a coworking space designed for freelancers and remote workers. The space has always been a hub for fostering friendships and community and Mathias puts a lot of effort into facilitating these aspects. Besides running the workspace, Mathias and his team have started projects like nomadmonth.com. With a keen focus on cultivating connections, he's excited about creating great experiences for freelancers and remote workers beyond the workspace, and with the local neighborhood in mind.

Matías Sebastián Vázquez
Founder Sharing E.C. / Coworking Day Brasil – CO-Founder COLATAM

Matías Sebastián Vázquez, Brazilian-Argentine, founded Sharing E.C., the oldest coworking space in Sao Paulo – the largest city in Latin America. Matias is also co- founder of COLATAM, a Latin coworking network aiming to support the industry and its operators with their own event, the COLATAM LATAM SUMMIT, that was already hosted in cities such as: São Paulo, Quito, and Mexico City. He also launched the Coworking Day Brazil – the biggest coworking related event in the world, as per Brad Neuberg – that puts together more than 500 spaces in its platform by offering complimentary day-uses to customers and elevate the coworking as a service.

Founder Coworking Hashtag

Diploma in Tourism from Toledo but 14 years living in Gran Canaria.

After 15 years working in the corporate and group travel sector, 8 years ago I made a complete
groups, 8 years ago I made a complete turn to a professional level, also related to the tourism
also with the tourism sector but in this case managing projects in digital marketing and communication
in digital marketing and communication for large tour operators.

This new stage as a freelancer and entrepreneur made that in 2018 I started working in a coworking
in a coworking managing communication campaigns and event organization for companies, which
event organization for companies, which encouraged me to open my own space 2 years later.
space 2 years later. Originally this new coworking would be the
the only one in the Canary Islands adapted to be able to conciliate, a family coworking
with independent spaces to work and bring your children. The
project started just in March 2020, so after this opening of a space completely
this opening of a completely new space and without any previous experience, Hashtag Workspace
previous experience, Hashtag Workspace evolved to what it is today: a Coworking
today: a Coworking for entrepreneurs and small companies with a community of
community of restless, creative and innovative people, where local talent is a priority and where events and
local talent and where events and trainings of all kinds take place.


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