AI for Coworking Spaces: Practical Solutions

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IA para espacios de coworking: Soluciones prácticas

It seems impossible that no one has heard of ChatGPT but although spectacular it is only the most well-known AI tool today. Coworking spaces can greatly improve their efficiency and productivity thanks to AI-based solutions, such as occupancy sensors, predictive maintenance or intelligent scheduling systems, can help streamline operations and improve the overall member experience.

AI content generators and linguistic models can easily produce quality content that engages and informs potential customers and members. In addition, AI-enabled chatbots can provide fast and efficient customer service, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks. Helga Moreno, content marketer at andcards and editor of Coworking Smarts will tell us how, as the demand for flexible workspaces continues to grow, incorporating AI technology can give coworking spaces a competitive edge and help them better serve their members.



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