Top 10 most common questions (and answers) when managing a coworking space

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Las 10 preguntas (y respuestas) más comunes gestionando un coworking

If you've been coworking long enough you think you've seen it all... but this industry always manages to surprise you.

On the other hand, if you are in a group where managers share knowledge, you will have noticed that some questions are repeated over and over again.

In this talk Javier Moral, a regular in the Whatsapp group and moderator of the CWSC Discord summarizes the 10 most frequently asked questions that arise when managing a coworking space. Topics such as booking management, event management and pricing are discussed. It also delves into issues related to space maintenance, coworking community and space promotion. Detailed answers and practical solutions to the most common questions facing coworking space managers are provided to help them improve the management of their space and provide a high-quality coworking experience for their members.



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