Carlos Gonçalves

Carlos Gonçalves
CEO and Founder Avila Spaces
CWSC 2023
CWSC 2022

Is the founder and CEO of Avila Spaces, a Cowork and Office Center based in Lisbon.
In 2010, developed the myOffice app, the first worldwide virtual office application for mobile. In 2012 won a CIO Award, which came to confirm the myOffice app as one of the ten best IT projects in Portugal.
In 2013 is named International Director of the Global Workspace Association, and writes the book “Out of the Office”, where he gives his vision about the future of workspaces.
In 2016 presents Avila Spaces as a case study at the European Workplace Innovation Network (EWIN), an initiative of the European Commission.
He´s also ambassador of the Great Place to Work Portugal Certification Programme and advisory board member of eOffice, the first coworking space in the UK.
Is regularly invited to conferences and seminars about the new entrepreneurial organization models, namely the Virtual Office, the Coworking and the Remote Working.


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