Zero Plastic Coworking

How to gain sustainability, branding and commitment by eliminating single-use plastics.

Sustainability is both an unfinished business and a path forward for the coworking industry. Eliminating single-use plastics provides an affordable yet powerful way to make a positive impact while increasing employee and user engagement and participation.
Eliminating plastics also brings significant savings in operating costs.
We'll talk with Emily Amman of SUPER®, a U.S.-based NGO that enables businesses to eliminate plastics through a tiered
plastics through a tiered certification process. Emily will talk about the reasons for eliminating single-use plastics, and present success stories from 40 certified coworking offices in the US and UK, which are currently avoiding the consumption of 9 million disposable plastic items per year.

To understand the importance of eliminating single-use plastics at all levels and what the first steps are to achieve this.

Key points
- Why is it essential to eliminate single-use plastics?
- What opportunities open up for venues that eliminate plastics?
- What reactions can we expect from employees and users?
- How can we get started on this path?



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