The rise of Rural Coworking

Rural coworking now or never?
Since coworking is coworking we are waiting for coworking in a rural environment to become a trend as it happened with coworking in big cities.
Laia Benaiges, founder of coworking Espai La Magrana will be moderating this session
in which we will discuss the future of coworking in rural environments and, why not, in small cities.
The pandemic seems to have given wings to remote work and we saw how at the beginning of the pandemic many professionals were returning to their home towns.
professionals were returning to their home towns to have a better quality of life.
What real impact did the pandemic have on rural coworking? What changes remain today? Where do we think coworking in rural and small town environments is heading? Has the time come for an explosion of rural coworking? Is coliving an alternative or complementary way to rural coworking?
In short, a session to discuss where we are and where we are going with rural coworking.

To understand today and the immediate future of rural coworking.

Key points
- Has rural coworking changed post pandemic?
- What opportunities lie ahead in the immediate future related to rural coworking?
- What will rural coworking look like in 2025?



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