Going Flex

How can independent coworking become a viable alternative for large companies?

Large companies feel comfortable with stakeholders of the same level, and often end up distributing their teams in internationally renowned spaces.
However, the lack of flexibility of large operators makes the corporate client opt for smaller and more agile operators.
This is complex for such structures, which often rely on intermediaries to help them in the process of locating and negotiating with these venues in a way that allows them to reduce their complexity.
Jesse Derkx, Director of Agile Practice EMEA at CBRE will talk about what needs corporate users have when looking for space for their teams, what level of quality we should offer, what locations are the most attractive to these types of users and how we can collaborate with brokers and platforms to get our space on the radar of large companies.

How brokers and platforms can collaborate with independent spaces to attract corporate clients.

Key points
- What are the needs of large companies when looking for space?
    - Finishes
    - IT
- What does a partner such as a broker bring to an operator?
- In which areas do brokers use more independent space?



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