Evolution of workplaces strategies

Flex Trends, Demands and layout. Key points that modify the fleX strategies of coworking companies.

Coworking and flex office has undergone a surprising evolution that forces providers to change or adapt their strategies.
Coworking trends act as the main sources of inspiration for rethinking flex spaces, and how they affect new office designs.
On the other hand, the demand for flex coworking spaces is changing, and new clients are starting to request this type of space.
Sarah and Pablo, from The Instant Group will show us the studies of their group regarding the trends, their comparisons between Spain, Portugal and the rest of the countries.
The ACT model, as a tool to understand the needs, strategies and challenges faced by space providers and how they believe the future of the office will be.

Understand how TIG works to be trend aware and ahead of the market..

Key points
- How have the market trends changed?
- What are the changes in sector strategies? From the perspective of suppliers and demanders.
- What is the ACT model and how does it help to understand these trends?


Pablo Ochoa

Senior Corporate Account Manager, The Instant Group


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