State of coworking in Spain 22-23

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Estado del Coworking en España 22-23

Analysis of the sector with the largest coworking and flex office database in the country.

It is often difficult for operators to know the size of the market, the size of the different spaces or the distribution of coworking by cities.

With a large part of the market in the hands of big players, it is interesting to see how the competition is distributed among the big operators, and how it has evolved over the last year. See the current state of competition among the big Coworking players, and how it compares to the size of the competition. A broad and deep vision of the Coworking and Flex situation in our country. However, the lack of flexibility of the big operators, makes the corporate client opt for smaller and more agile operators.

Data, data and more data. Manuel Zea, CEO of CoworkingSpain, will analyze the most relevant data of the sector.

Key points: Analyze the size of the market, comparisons of the big players and show an overview of the industry.



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