The Coliving strategy by Grupo Lar

CWSC 2022
Room 1

What does coliving bring to a reference in the real estate sector to bet on this trend.
The coliving sector is experiencing a very remarkable growth in the last year, with groups without furniture making strong investments.
Just as coworking has revolutionized the office sector, coliving is set to rethink the housing sector, reshaping the use of space in the office sector.
housing sector, reshaping the use of residential space.
Users' demands are changing, and Grupo Lar wants to play a leading role in this change.
Grupo Lar has assets destined for this use, and has a few more to develop in its portfolio. We spoke with Carlota Lago to explore what has led the Group to invest in the sector, the group's vision of the sector, the development strategy of its Coliving portfolio and the explanation of the Coliving project in the PTA as a business case. What is its target target and which sales channels to use. A sector in which everything is still to be done and full of challenges that Coliving is facing.

To understand the point of view of a "traditional" real estate agency, and to know the key aspects to invest in the coliving sector.

Key points
- How does Grupo Lar face the change in residential models.
- What is Grupo Lar's strategy in the sector?
- What are the challenges facing the sector?



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