The Coliving Agora

CWSC 2022
Room 1

Discussing the past, present and future of coliving.

A few years ago coliving was, like coworking once was, a promise of a future that we didn't know if it would ever become a reality. Today it is a promising billion-dollar industry.
David Uriarte, CEO and Cofounder at Aticco Living, will lead a session with coliving stakeholders in Spain to discuss the past, present and future of coliving. Where have we come from and where are we going? What has changed over the years? But above all in which ways will coliving evolve inside and outside our borders.
A session for everyone who has something to say about coliving and for all those who want to take a deeper and more diverse look at this industry.

To discuss the future of coliving and evaluate its past and present.

Key points
- What is the current state of coliving?
- How has the pandemic changed coliving?
- How do we think coliving will evolve in the coming years?



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