CwSC 2019

Venue and Date


Venue: Espacio Adda
Alicante April 24th and 25th 2019



Program and Speakers

Day 1_ Space ADDA  Alicante

Welcome and presentation - Room 1 (Manuel Zea)
Institutional welcome. Alicante Provincial Council - Room 1 (Cesar Sánchez)
From oportunity to launch - Room 1 (Elena Gomis)
The state of Coworking in Spain - Room 1 (Manuel Zea)
Loom and Merlin - Room 1 (Fernando Ramírez, Paula Almansa)
Optimize your operations - Room 1 (Jenny Poon)
How to open between so much giant - Room 2 (Arancha Riestra)
Coliving 2.0 - Room 1 (Ana Martínez de Lizarrondo)
The operative manual of Coworking - Room 2 (Javier Reina) 
1 to 1 (Sesiones personales con profesionales del sector)
Coolworking - Room 1 (Soledat Berbegal)
Coworking in the suburbs - Room 2 (África Rodríguez)
The Challenge of being the first coworking in Copenhague - Room 1 (Ivan López Garrido)
Coworking and Tech - Digital District  (Andrea García)

Day 2_ Space ADDA  Alicante

The evolution of the sector by Instant Office - Room 1 (James Rankin)
The vision of coworking from medium and large companies - Room 1 (Rubén Carreño)
How to grow while maintaining your DNA - Room 1  (Alejandro Papadopoulos)
Coworking tricks - Room 2 (Lorène García)
How to  hedge fund - Room 1 (Franz Pallerés, Gabi Espin) 
What do we ask of a coworking association? - Room 2  (Esther Navarro))
The new generation of travelers and workers - Room 1 (Alexandra Macías)
Ask me anyhing - Room1 (Marc Navarro)
1 to 1 (Sesiones personales con profesionales del sector)
Coworking starts with Co - Room 1 (Antonio González)
Coworking from north to south - Room 2 (Joana Carvalho)
Different perspectives when managing conflicts - Sala 1 (María Santos, Natalia López, Lucía Enríquez, Marga Beltrán)

Day 3_Space Glub. Academy

Coworking Canvas (Marc Navarro)
How to design a coworking (Joana Carvalho)
Economic management of a coworking (Javier Reina)
Communication, events and marketing (Laura Alonso)
Coworking Daily Tech (Kristina Schneider)
Law and Coworking (Alejandro Papadopoulos)



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